Examples of projects we have managed

Customers we have worked for

Groups and companies that have entrusted us with the management of their material or innovation projects.


  • Reduction of the number of resins and formulations for EMEA
  • Materials management strategy
  • Single material film,integration of recycled material, closed loop recycling
Caps and closures
  • Innovation management for the group
  • Materials management strategy
Luxury packaging (perfumes and cosmetics)
  • Materials management strategy (thermoplastic resins, coatings and adhesives)
Rigid packaging
  • Mono-material solution to promote recycling (metal-free mechanisms)

Sanitary applications: flush systems, mechanisms and control panel
* Obtaining funding

  • Management of innovation
  • Project management and follow-up
Anti-abrasion plate
  • Nylon 6,6 (HBN) – Risk mitigation

Department of Economic Expansion

  • Assistance in developing the Principality of Monaco’s strategy with regard to European R&D programs

Mission for the Energy Transition

  • Audit of the use of single-use packaging in the Principality
  • Change to the use of returnable or composted packaging
  • Analysis of industrial plastic waste in the Principality
  • Audit of building waste

System control joysticks

  • Metal plastic transition, choice of material and process
  • Calculation analysis

Plastic consumer goods

  • Materials management strategy

* Obtaining financing

  • Validation of bio-sourced and recycled plastic alternatives

Thermoplastic sheets for FFS

  • Innovation road-map development

Grey water recycling process
* Obtaining funding

  • Development of rotomolded tanks
  • Project management
  • Funding research
  • Application at the Rolland GARROS tournament
  • Simulator improvement

Pipeline repair
* Obtaining funding

  • Polymer formulation

Dental prosthesis
* Obtaining funding

  • Polymer formulation

Semi-permanent varnishes
* Obtaining funding

  • Polymer formulation
  • Set up of the “SBS innovation” entity

* Obtaining funding

  • Validation of bio-sourced thermoplastic alternatives

Waste collection and

energy recovery

  • Analysis of building waste

Masterbatch additives

  • Development of a new nucleating agent

Protection plates

  • Validation of alternative plastic materials

Drying ovens for PCB

  • Measurement and characterization of UV and solvent- based coatings

Design and manufacture of medical equipment

  • Calculation methodology
  • Material characterization

SMR Automotive Systems France

Design, development and manufacturing of rear-view mirrors

  • Funding research
  • « Plan de relance »
  • « CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche) »

Plastic consumer goods

  • Material management strategy